FAQs: I would like to make changes to my home...what do I need to do?

There is a formal process by which to obtain the necessary approval for any exterior improvements to your home or lot. Improvements include, but are not limited to, sheds, decks, and pools. If you plan to make improvements immediately, download a copy of the Architectural Control Committee Approval Application or call our office to have a copy of this application mailed to you. The application includes a list of policy positions on common situations that might be of interest.

Note that you do not have to seek approval to maintain or replace any existing approved exterior condition. For example, you don’t need approval to repaint the same color but you would need approval for a different color.

Proposed improvements plans can be mailed to:

WHOA Architectural Control Committee
P. O. Box 1158
Pflugerville TX 78691-1158

For your convenience, the WHOA has a “suggestion box” outside of the Windermere Clubhouse at 16800 Gower Street that can be used to drop off all correspondence to the WHOA.

Please call 251-WHOA if you have any questions.