FAQs: Picking up certfied letters is a hassle. Why does the WHOA send its citations via certified mail instead of first-class mail?

The Texas Property Code mandates the use of certified mail in many situations, including our second-warning and fine letters. Sending certified letters is a time-consuming and costly undertaking and not the WHOA's first choice. In many cases, we send a first-warning letter via first-class mail. The first-warning letter clearly states that further citations of the same type within the next six months will be via certified mail. The homeowner is advised to avoid incurring further citations and thus can avoid the hassle of certified letters. Historically, the WHOA always sent warning letters via ordinary mail and only fine letters via certified mail. As of September 1, 2001, §209.006 of the Texas Property Code mandates use of certified mail for both our second-warning and fine letters.