FAQs: How does the WHOA spend dues money?

You may be interested to know that our annual WHOA dues are among the lowest in Travis County for HOAs with similar amenities. The WHOA uses the money to meet its day-to-day financial obligations, including electricity for street lights; common area landscaping and maintenance; pool guards; operation, maintenance, and utilities of two pools, two parks, a clubhouse, and an office; management and accounting costs; insurance expenses; non-collections-related legal fees; newsletter printing and postage; annual meeting expenses; rules enforcement expenses; and reserve fund obligations. The existence of these activities and amenities supports the property value of every homeowner.

The amount of money collected does not cover the actual amount of labor needed to run the Association. The WHOA relies heavily on the contribution of countless unpaid hours by Board members and other volunteers. If we had to rely exclusively on paid employees and contractors, the dues would need to be several times higher than they are now.