Resale Information for Homeowners


We want to help as much as possible to make your home sale a success. We have prepared these notes to help make things easier for you.

Homeowner Responsibilities:

WHOA Activity Card (“pool card”): Please return the card to us as soon as possible. If we receive it before we issue a Resale Certificate to the title company, we will show it as having been returned and you will not be charged the $30 lost card fee at closing. You can mail the card to P.O. Box 1158, Pflugerville, TX 78691-1158. Note that the title company will collect the $30 at closing in all other situations. If that happens, please call us as soon as possible. The simplest approach is to return the card as soon as you decide to put the house up for sale.

Dues: You may request that the title company pro-rate your dues to the date of closing. If you do this, you should receive a credit for the remaining fraction of the year and your buyer should be charged that amount. If you don't specifically request this, most title companies will not pro-rate HOA dues. Note that this is just a pro-ration between seller and buyer.

Also, a Transfer Fee of $50 is due to the WHOA at closing. Customarily the buyer pays this fee. Normally the title company takes care of this. If you have arranged to pay all your buyer’s closing fees, you might want to tell your title company to include the HOA Transfer Fee in your column.

WHOA Responsibilities:

The Property Code requires an HOA to furnish upon request a disclosure statement about your property called a Resale Certificate. This document is normally requested by the title company prior to closing but can be ordered at any time up to 90 days prior to your closing. The cost for the Resale Certificate is $50, normally paid by the seller at closing.

The Resale Certificate includes all the legally required HOA disclosures as well as a copy of the deed restrictions for the buyer. It protects you from later claims by the buyer that you did not disclose any of a range of HOA-related issues. The Resale Certificate also notes any outstanding unapproved structures or modifications as well as any outstanding account balance due the WHOA.

Title Company Responsibilities:

Title Company can fax resale certificate request to (512) 251-438 or email request to

If you have any further questions, please call us at 251-9462.